Within the context of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the International Symposium on Sport-related Concussion (ISSC) organises an Inaugural Conference on concussion in rugby, which will take place on October 13, 2023 in Paris, France. Considering the challenges that post-concussion syndrome and the risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy associated with repeated concussions in sports (and rugby in particular) represent for public health, we consider it important to turn the spotlight on the need for increased awareness, injury prevention strategies, advancements in research and care, technologies and innovation, and the overall welfare of athletes.

The Inaugural Conference of the International Symposium on Sport-related Concussion intends to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, by bringing together renowned experts, researchers, healthcare professionals, athletes, and stakeholders. It will provide a platform for researchers to share their work, explore funding opportunities, showcase technological innovations, and promote the translation of research findings into actionable strategies for improved player safety and recovery in rugby.

By integrating a comprehensive program featuring keynote lectures, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and poster presentations, the Conference articulates its objectives along four axes:

1. Scientific Advancement & Clinical Trials: facilitating the dissemination of groundbreaking research findings, novel methodologies, and emerging scientific knowledge related to sport-related concussions. Highlighting the latest advancements and best practices in designing, implementing, and evaluating clinical trials focused on concussion prevention, diagnostic tools, treatment interventions, and rehabilitation strategies across diverse populations and sports.

2. Technologies & Innovations: presenting the innovations and new technologies developed to enhance the understanding, diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of sport-related concussions: impact sensors, concussion assessment apps, virtual reality (VR), Advanced Imaging Techniques, Portable Neurocognitive Assessment Tools, Protective Equipment Advances, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, neuroprotective therapeutic strategies, etc.

3. Evidence-based Practice: Emphasizing the translation of scientific discoveries into evidence-based clinical practice, enabling attendees to learn about effective approaches, interventions, and management strategies supported by robust scientific evidence.

4. Multi-disciplinary Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration between scientists, clinicians, statisticians, engineers, and other stakeholders to foster interdisciplinary research collaborations and innovative solutions that address the multifaceted aspects of sport-related concussions.

By prioritizing scientific rigor and clinical trial advancements, this Inaugural Conference aims to propel the field of sport-related concussion management forward. The symposium will be a catalyst for collaborative efforts, shaping the future of evidence-based concussion management practices, and driving the development of innovative solutions through science and clinical trials.




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